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We are an award winning Sydney based music & sound agency, lovingly curating audio for maximum impact. We are passionate about quality, innovation and the art of noise.**

*Ego not included.


Klang likes to create emotional and effective music for each project based on the brief. We compose, produce and mix the music for each project. When specialist musicians and vocalists are needed we can call on diverse range of highly talented individuals we have collaborated with over the years. Our natural inclination is towards filmic and contemporary music but we also pride ourselves on being able to create authentic genre-based tracks when needed.

Themes / Musical Branding

Collectively we have created many themes. Some for Australia’s best-known television shows. We can also bring to life a logo or brand with a hand-crafted and integrated musical signature.

Long Form / TV

We have scored many well known and award winning television series ranging from the very commercial to the strange and unusual. We have a large client presentation area suitable for group screenings of work-in-progress and final mixes.


We are a highly creative team of Sound Designers who take anything from the simplest audio sweetening task to stylised advertising sound to VR /360 content. Our specific services include Voice Over Recording & Casting, Track-lay and Mix, Stereo and 5.1 Mixes, VR sound prep, and Outputs to any standard required. Give us a call or send a request for our rates.

Promo / Online Content

We provide Promo / Online Content audio sweetening at an hourly rate. We work for sport promoters, government initiatives, and branded-content as well as behind the scenes promotions. Whether your visuals are 2D or large scale hype-pieces we can bring these to life with the appropriate sound design.

Experiential / Interactive / Installation

Our work in this area has been ground breaking and diverse. With as many international commissions as local work we have found creative solutions for a range of site-specific and immersive audio-visual presentations. Have a look at our case studies to get the full picture.

  • Our space

    Klang has a large client presentation Mixing Suite, a Voice Over Booth, two off-line Recording Suites and very close access to the best coffee in Sydney.


We create amazing work together.


Suite 2 / 162 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
Studio: +612 9557 7619

We do have limited parking avaliable. Entrance for parking is off Buckland Lane. Please call ahead for further instructions. We’ll even arrange a Campos coffee for when you get here.

Analese Cahill
Email : [email protected]
Mobile: +61 408 686 464